Sustainability means that something will last.

It means it has to sustain in terms of the environment, it should make a positive impact on society, and it needs to be financially viable, thus contributing to the economy.

It is called the triple bottom line of business and we try to have that approach.

The Herbs were chosen to be one of the stallholders at a specially arranged Farmers' Market in Ely. The Market was requested by the Prince of Wales in order for him to visit small market-focused businesses with a sustainable ethos. Sara was able to talk with both Prince Charles and Camilla about how and why she runs the business in the way that she does.

Local ethos of selling

Local communities are the life blood of living well for many of us. Sara sells her herbs at her cookery courses and demonstrations which are locally based.

High Streets and local businesses/attractions are important and so Sara does stock some of her Herbs of the Month, for example, in small local retail outlets.

Cookery courses

When coronavirus allows, some cookery courses will be based in the Village Hall in Sudborough, the Herbs' home village. Bringing an income to the Village Hall which in turn benefits villagers. The suppliers of all the ingredients you use are carefully chosen to continue the sustainability theme of environment, society and the economy.  Details here:

The Herbs' growing environment

The herbs are planted in Fertile Fibre Compost.  We endorse their ethos and our herbs are certainly happy.  Peat free.  Organic.  With sparkly seed compost!

The Herbs live in their rather wonderful, snazzy, comfy, protective, energy efficient, calming  Rhino Greenhouse. 

The Herbs' pots

We try to source the pots from a range of terracotta, bamboo and other plant-based sources. To avoid plastic.  Easier said than done, although it is getting easier. If we do use plastic, it has been already well used and we extract a promise from our customers to carry on well using! And we now bring with us to our markets the 'Pot Swap' box! You bring pots you don't need right now for your plants and swap them for pots that you do...  We have all sizes and shapes for whatever you need a pot for.

The wooden and paper labels for the pots

We source the wooden signs and labels from Wendover Wood,  who use recycled wood where possible. Our paper labels come from a printer who uses a sustainable source of paper.

The Herbs and the seeds/plants

We try to source seeds that are from small suppliers who specialise in seeds that 'come true' so that seeds can be collected by you if you wish, and the plants grown are the same as the parent plant.  Or from suppliers who specialise in some of the more traditional herbs. We particularly favour small suppliers.

Where we cannot grow by seed (not everybody has green fingers for every herb!), or if taking cuttings is not the best way for certain herbs, then we buy from a herb supplier who, like us, grows in as near peat free as possible and, like us, does not use sprays either to tackle disease or bugs.

For seeds: we like

For herb plants: we like

Our brochures

Our brochures and recipe booklets are designed by Mel of  She ensures that the printer uses sustainable sources for the paper and that a sustainable impact on the environment is key for all processes.

Our photos

Sara works with 2 photographers to make sure the visual images reflect the reality of the Herbs! No touched up Instagram-style photos on this website! 

Our photographers are: who focuses on the herbs

and who focuses on photos of Sara and any cocktail related shots!

Any photos that might look a tad 'amateur' will be by Sara from a market on her 'phone or from her greenhouse also on her 'phone.

The legal structure of the business

Sara does not trade as a limited company (although Hawkwell Herbs Ltd does exist to help protect the name.)  She trades as a sole trader. This means that she pays tax on what she earns, rather than what she would pay in tax under a corporate structure.   If you earn it, you pay tax on it. 

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