Use & Inspiration

Not everyone can  make one of our Farmers' Markets.  And not everyone can make one of our cookery courses. So... for a little inspiration from different places, try these!

Sara reguarly writes a blog for Rhino Greenhouse. 'Hawkwell Herbology'. Focusing on life in Northamptonshire with bees, dogs, ducks, hens, allotment, garden, Community Herb Garden, herbs and - includes recipes! A source not  just for Sara's blogs, but also for some amazing bloggers who write about all things gardening, greenhouse, plants...

Sara also writes, beginning in 2020, for The Herb Society - focusing on the Herbs of the Month - with recipes and a little about each herb.  Some true facts, some old wives' tales, and some - well - a bit of both!  The Herb Society is a superb charity which educates and inspires about all things herby.

And, perhaps the medium which makes most folk who watch it laugh too much...,  Sara is on You Tube!  Hawkwell Herbs at Home Farm House.. With Kirsty, from Waterloo Cottage Farm, each month there is a video of how to use the Herb/s of the Month, filmed in Kirsty's lovely farmhouse kitchen with, shall we say. a 'relaxed and natural' approach to the style of professional presenting! Always good value ingredients, easy to use and source, showcasing some of the best ingredients of Northamptonshire.  Something for everyone!  The lovely visuals are also available, with link to the video, here on this site under Recipe of the Month.

During the coronavirus outbreak, please follow Sara via the YouTube videos for herbs, growing and cooking with them, ducks, hens, bees and life generally as we embrace nature, locally sourced food and seasonal activities. And with a bit of luck, Kirsty will be able to join in from afar!

And, occasionally, Sara appears on the Helen Blaby show on BBC Radio Northamptonshire either answering a challenge she has been set by Helen (how to use up pumpkins...  how can you make sprouts taste nice...) or just chattering away, and laughing too much, with Helen.


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