Tarragon, to me, is the harbinger of Spring. It is always the first out of the ground. I love it because it also is the herb that proves if you just leave it be, it returns! Often folk say to me ‘Oh I kill it. I grow it in a pot. It disappears. So I throw out the pot and contents.’ Yet… the reality is that it dies back in Winter and pops up again in Spring.


I grow mine in a pot because there is a friendly little rodent that has a particular liking for where I used to plant it in the ground. I would see it pop up and then… it was gone! I caught the little fella one evening having a munch! So now in a pot it stays. To die down over Winter, and strike forth and upwards in Spring.


Tarragon does not like frost or waterlogged soil so there are other reasons to grow it in a pot.


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