Cookery Themed Pots

Sometimes we all need a bit of a change - and our cooking habits are no different! Our cookery themed pots enable you to take two or three herbs and use them with fish, or in your baking, or in cocktails, or in soups... etc! Choose your theme, and your herbs are ready, with the leaflet of ideas and recipes relevant to your particular pot, for you to begin.

Prices shown are £15 pots for 3 herbs.  There are often £12 or £10 pots available with 2 herbs in.



Baking Bonanza

Add herbs to pastry, bread, cakes, biscuits, whatever you fancy baking!  Often helps cut down on salt and sugar too. Particularly if you use sugar substitute herbs.

£15.00 | Where to Buy

BBQ Brilliance

The perfect gift or treat for the BBQ afficionado!

£15.00 | Where to Buy

Classy Cocktails

Need I say more?

£15.00 | Where to Buy

Fabulous Fish

Containing herbs ideal for using with fish. Some you may not have used before.  The contents of the pot vary according to the time of year.

£15.00 | Where to Buy

Super Salads

Keep this pot on your work desk and you can add fresh salad herbs to your lunch/shop bought sandwiches just to pep things up a bit!

£15.00 | Where to Buy

Super Soups

Winter, Spring, Summer or Autumn' - a way of using up nature's bounty,  a way of warming or cooling yourself down depending on the weather, and a way of introducing good value and  healthy products into your diet. Also usually very easy to make!

£15.00 | Where to Buy

Tasty Teas

Why use dry teas when you can grow your own and have that zingy fresh taste!

£15.00 | Where to Buy

Winter Warmers

For those days when you just need to feel warm inside and out!

£15.00 | Where to Buy

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