Caring for Herbs

Caring for Herbs

How to get the best from your herbs

Each of your pots comes with care guidance for the particular herbs in your pot - as every herb is different. 

Sara goes into detail on her YouTube videos but, in the meantime, here are some general points: 

Herbs growing in pots

Herbs are like people - we need decent nutrition, the right amount of water in us,  and plenty of fresh air!  Your herbs are planted in good compost (see Supplier Page), which holds water well, and you just need to keep the herbs well aired in between their stems.

Herbs growing in the garden

Your herbs are happy in their pots now, and will be for a while.  Should you want to plant them out, be careful WHEN you do that.  Herbs are like people - we don't like shocks and, if we have one, we need to lie down in a darkened room with a nice cup of tea! The herbs will have a little shock when transplanted (like all plants) so don't do it on a sunny hot day (wait until the temperature is cool or do it in the evening), water them well and leave them be for a while as they recover.

USE your herbs!

You need to make space for new shoots to grow.  So CUT your herbs. From the top down. It is the cutting of the stem that stimulates new growth. Do not just pick the leaves from the side of the stem, leaving just the stem. Nothing will grow...

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