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Hawkwell Herbs - Cookery Courses
Cookery Courses

Cookery Courses

We all need to keep learning in life, and cooking is no different! Our courses are aimed at novice cooks, experienced cooks, and everybody in between.  They are fun, light-hearted, and avoid all jargon, complex discussions about cooking or gardening, and encourage exchanges of cooking experiences, knowledge and views.

(Even if you cannot make a course, you can still have a go at a new recipe, each month, on our Recipe of the Month page, which is supported by our YouTube channel.)

Cookery Courses are currently on hold. I hope to restart them during the Autumn of 2021, subject to the coronavirus situation.  

I WILL however be doing cookery demonstrations at various venues.

Cookery Demonstrations coming up:

Join me at the wonderful CherryPip Gardens in Olney, Buckinghamshire.  Limited to THREE people per demonstration. Booking via the Cherry Pip shop in Olney. or via email to cherry.pipgardendesign@hotmail.co.uk.

£40 per person.  Including samples, recipes and, where relevant, herbal oils and other means of preserving your herbs.

Summer Salads and Drinks - Wednesday 7th July 2-4pm; Saturday 31st July 2-4pm;

BBQs, Picnics, and Drinks - Wednesday 4th August 2-4pm;  Saturday 28th August 2-4pm;

Fabulous Fish - Wednesday 8th September 2-4pm: Saturday 25th September 2-4pm;

Autumn Food - Wednesday 6th October 2-4pm;

Halloween Herbs and Food - Saturday 30th October  2-4pm;

Winter Warmers - Wednesday 3rd November 2-4pm; Saturday 27th November 2-4pm




You can also read some ideas for cooking with herbs, listen to interviews about how to use them, and watch some cookery demonstrations on my YouTube channel. Details are on the Inspirations page.


Suppliers of the ingredients that you will be using

We do not use supermarkets.  Your food on the day will come from some of the following businesses who are local, and who enable the Hawkwell Herbs' supply chain to be sustainable environmentally, economically and socially.


Great tasting, ethically raised, meat. And other locally sourced products. A central hub for all that is best in Northamptonshire food and drink.

http://www.pearmansfarmshop.co.uk/about/ and https://www.grazersofashbyparva.co.uk/

Leicestershire based fresh fruit and vegetables and meat. 


Ethically sourced, and environmentally rigorous, products such as pulses, rice and other basic staples. Great for vegan and vegetarian products.


Beloved by those on our courses who don't ordinarily like cheese!  Creamy, locally made, with a real passion for their animals and the products they produce.


Rapeseed oil - used in cooking the herbs. Gives a wonderful golden colour to both the food we make and the herb oils we create.


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