About Hawkwell Herbs

About Hawkwell Herbs

We provide herb collections, growing in a pot, ready for you to use in your cooking.And we run cookery courses using herbs too.

The Business

Herbs are a good way to add freshness to your cooking, good value to your shopping list, confidence in yourself.  The Herbs are a means to many ends!

Enabling people to shop locally and from small businesses adds something important to today's community - hence why the focus is on selling at local Farmers' Markets. 

And we are a proud member of Made In Northamptonshire,  which celebrates local quality produce.

Doing all of this in as sustainable way as possible is a big focus of the business. Sustainable means being 'triple bottom line' - positively impacting society, the economy, and the environment. People. Profit. Planet.

About Sara

Sara Dixon owns and runs Hawkwell Herbs.  (The name 'Hawkwell' comes from the farm where her husband grew up - on Exmoor.)

An ex-lawyer, and ex- management consultant, Sara is now Mad Herb Woman!

Based in Sudborough, Northants, Sara (and the Herbs) spend their days concocting new recipes, testing old ones, adapting ones that have hitherto had no herbs in them at all. Oh - and not forgetting the sowing of the seeds and the looking after of the Herbs as they grow.  And the running of the cookery courses.

 The Herbs are grown at Sara's home in her garden - happily and safely protected in their Fertile Fibre compost in the wonderful Rhino Greenhouse.

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